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One of the things I love to do is adapt patterns. A great source is Ravelry  which is free to join and has loads of free patterns.  I generally look for patterns using a super chunky yarn or using needles or a hook size from 8mm for T Shirt yarn.  Below are some of my projects with links to the original pattern I used.


If you have a pattern you would like to share or feedback on any of these on this site then please email us


Whatever you do though make sure you have fun!!



Duffle Bag

I found this pattern on a blog called Craft Passion and it adapted really easily.  I am currently sourcing some eyelets and will list them as soon as possible in my accessories section.


Remember it is a US pattern so you will need to adapt the stitches accordingly

Crochet Drawstring Bag


Knitted Pouffe

I found this knitted Pouffe (or Puff as it's called in the pattern) on a website called Pickles.  It wasn't the easiest thing to make and maybe should have used a 12mm circular needles or a longer 10mm.  Due to the thickness I also could not close the hole completely hence the addition to the top. Still it was lots of fun and it's comfy!

Knitted Top

This top was designed by Barley Massey of Fabrications in London and appeared in edition 49 of Knit Magazine if you can lay your hands on a copy if not why not contact Barley

Knitted Top

Crochet Baskets

Our crochet baskets are really easy to make, great to store all kinds of things and easy to wash.


This link shows you how to crochet a circle (it uses US terms so when refering to a double crochet in UK terms this is a treble). Once your circle is the size you want stop increasing in each round and you crochet will naturally go upwards! For a great pattern using double crochet from Mollie Makes click here and again to make a larger basket just keep increaing the size of the base.

Want to make PIGGY?


Download the pattern I used here.


Inspired?  Why not have a go at adapting your own amigurumi animal there are loads of free patterns on line and I would love to see pictures!

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