Upcycled and Recycled Natural Fibre Yarns for all crafts

All our yarn products are either upcycled from manufacturing surplus or are spun from reclaimed and recycled fabic and fibre waste. Upcycling and recycling of yarn helps the planet by saving millions of gallons of water that would otherwise be needed in the manufacture of new product. At the same time we are able to provide the materials for your favourite craft projects at prices well below the cost of purpose-manufactured new fabrics and yarns.

Whether your interest is in crochet, knitting, rug-making, weaving, macrame, we can offer heavyweight yarns for your projects.

Our T-shirt yarns are slit from selvedges and maunufacturing overruns of new T-shirt fabric. Our other cords, yarns and ribbons are freshly spun from reclaimed and and dyed cotton fibre waste.